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Kei te mihi atu, kei te tangi atu, kei te aroha atu ki a koutou katoa!

Kia ora and welcome to Mäori Development - the website portal on Mäori Development and related areas of development (Pacific and Indigenous Development). This site was created by the Department of Development Studies and the School of Mäori and Pacific Development at the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand.

The idea behind the Mäori.Development portal is for it to be a "One-Stop-Shop" for websites related to Mäori, Pacific and Indigenous Development. The main aim of the portal is to provide users with direct links and references to relevant internet website links with information on Mäori, Pacific and Indigenous Development. End-users are those working in the areas of Mäori and Pacific Development: Rünangas, Trust Boards, Government Departments, students, academics, researchers, Mäori businesses, NGOs, CBOs etc..., and Indigenous Development organisations (tribal organisations, academics, researchers, Universities, Government Departments, indigenous businesses, NGOs, CBOs).

Browse the site for relevant Internet Links or look for a business or organisation working in the area of Mäori and Pacific Development.

Mäori Development Site Policy on Macron Use:
Where possible the Mäori Development Portal Site utilises the macron or the umlaut over the double-vowel sounds in Te Reo Mäori. There are some web browsers that do not recognise the macron symbol - these browsers may show an umlaut, an inverted question mark or some other sign for the macron and vowel.

We welcome comments and feedback on this or related information.

Heoi ano,

Na, The Department of Development Studies

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